Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy

The movie, “The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy,” is in post production and very near completion.
“It’s in the final stages of post production,” said Tanner Beard, who wrote, directed and stars in the full-length feature film. “We definitely have picture lock.”
Once post production is complete, Beard plans on taking the film to some high-profile film festivals.
“We’ll go to the Toronto Film Festival or the Venice Film Festival for premieres.”
The story takes a look at 1876 Texas history and the legend of Possum Kingdom Lake’s Hell’s Gate. Beard, who is originally from Snyder, said he often came to PK Lake when he was growing up.
“It’s kinda the same story,” he said. “Growing up at PK, researching the legend of Hell’s Gate. “
But in researching 1876 Texas history, he found a lot of legendary names in that year including one of the most famous of the Comanche chiefs – Quanah Parker, who came to Scurry County.
Beard said it was amazing to be able to incorporate that into the script.
“I personally like it,” he said of the film. “I think it’s a solid story. I’m excited for it. You feel like you’re there.”
Many of the actors in the film, like Beard, are from Texas.
He noted that Chris Kinkade, Summer Glau, Jenna Dewan and Russell Cummings are among cast members who are from Texas and Buck Taylor lives in the state.
“Jim Beaver and Buck Taylor, having these western legends come on board with the western’s younger generation of actors is great,” Beard said.
Glau, who plays Maggie Moon, has appeared in a number of movies and TV series including “Dollhouse,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “The 4400,” and “The Unit.”
Taylor played Newly on the TV series “Gunsmoke,” and has appeared in countless movies including “Tombstone.”
“We hope the movie comes out in 2010,” Beard continued. “There’s no way to know, we’re looking for some entity to purchase it. We have some studio interest, but who knows what that means?”
But there is a also a lot of interest in Europe and the far East.
“We have a lot of European interest – Germany, Japan – they love westerns,” he added. “There’s definite interest, we’re just taking it one day at a time.”
As for what’s on the horizon, Beard has plans.
“We’re in the process of looking at a sequel and other projects,” he said. “I’m currently writing the sequel.”
The title will be “The Legend of Hell’s Gate: 1877.”
The trailer for the movie can be see at

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